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This feature can be helpful if your current ringtone is not loud enough or if you have multiple shared lines on your phone that you need to answer.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Press the Applications button on your phone
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Ringtone
  4. If you have multiple lines on your phone ; Select the line that you would like to change the ringtone on
  5. Use the Navigation key  to scroll through the ringtones. ( You can preview the rintones by pressing the Play button in the soft keys )
  6. Once you have found a ringtone that you like press the Set button 
  7. Use the Volume key  to adjust the hanset, headset, and speakerphone volume (off hook) and ringer volume (on hook)


You can set a different ringtone for each line that is shared on your phone. Remember the shared lines are NOT speed dials. They only allow you to answer incoming calls for the line choosen. Speed dials can be added and are available upon request.

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