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When connecting a Bluetooth headset to your VoIP phone for the first time

Step-by-step guide

  1. Press the Applications button  on your VoIP phone.
  2. Select Bluetooth 
  3. Turn Bluetooth ON
  4. Turn Hands-free 2-way audio ON
  5. Turn on the Bluetooth device that you would like to connect to your VoIP phone and make sure that it is in pairing mode
  6. Select Add Bluetooth device ( you will see a message on your phone that says Make sure device is 'Discoverable' )
  7. Within a few seconds your Bluetooth device should appear on your phone.
  8. Select Pair
  9. Once paired your Bluetooth device will be listed under paired devices on your phone; and a check mark confirms that it is connected
  10. If you select your device you will be given the following options : Show detail,  Disconnect,  or  Delete the device
    a. Show Detail : gives information about your Bluetooth device
    b. Disconnect : will disconnect your Bluetooth device from your phone
    c. Delete : will remove your Bluetooth information from the phone

The IT Department Does Not support Bluetooth devices

Please be aware that you will need to keep the instructions that come with your Bluetooth device. The instructions will tell you how to put your device into pairing mode. When your device is in pairing mode this means that it is 'Discoverable' to your VoIP phone.

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