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To export and save your bookmarks, open Chrome and go to Menu > Bookmarks > Bookmark manager. Then click the three-dot icon and select Export Bookmarks. Finally, choose where to save your Chrome bookmarks.

  1. Open Chrome and click the icon with three vertical dots in the top-right corner.
  2. Then hover over BookmarksThis will open a pop-up menu.
  3. Next, click Bookmark manager. Clicking this will open a new tab.

4. Then click the icon with three vertical dots. You will find this next to the Bookmarks search bar, under the Chrome address bar.

5. Next, click Export Bookmarks. Clicking this will open the File Explorer on a Windows 10 computer or the Finder on a Mac computer.

6. Finally, choose a name and destination and click SaveIf you want to transfer your Chrome bookmarks to a new computer, you can save the HTML file to a flash drive or an external hard drive. Or, you can save your Chrome bookmarks to your desktop and email it to yourself as an attachment.

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