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Voice Recognition or Speech Recognition exists in just about every device.
This is a good tool for those that have limited dexterity for typing or for people that have difficulty with spelling.

Google Docs

  • Open a google doc
  • From the Tools menu, select Voice Typing.

Voice Recognition for Gmail:

Add this Chrome Extension: Dictation for Gmail.
1. Click link
2. Click add to chrome.
3. Open Gmail.
4. Compose or respond to an email.
5. You will see a microphone beside your send button in your emails.

Just a note, you may have to speak your punctuation… it doesn’t pick it up all the time.

Read & Write for Chrome combines several tools such as reading text aloud, creating a podcast (audio file) from a document, dictation, and taking notes in a digital document. More information on Read & Write for Chrome can be found here.

You may also find that using recording may help you capture the information to type up or process at your own time.
Explore which is a recording app but also does automatic transcription while recording.
Less typing for you.  You can use it on your phone, computer, or tablet and the free version allows 60 hours per month.

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