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Installing Zoom in Course Navigation

  1. If you haven’t already done so, you must enable your UNCSA Zoom account.  If you have already done this, you can skip to number 2.

    1. If you have a Zoom Basic (free) account, go to and log out of it, otherwise…

    2. Navigate to and Sign in with your UNCSA email credentials.  If you already had a free Zoom account under your UNCSA email address, it will prompt you to migrate your account data to the UNCSA Zoom account so that you don’t lose anything.

  2. Login to Canvas as the course instructor and navigate to the course where you would like to add Zoom.

  3. Click Settings

  4. Click Navigation

  5. Drag Zoom from the hidden items to the place where you would like it to appear in the Navigation.


  6. Click Save