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Require meeting password


When scheduling a meeting or editing a pre-existing meeting, you have the option of requiring participants to enter a password that you assign. Useful for thwarting “Zoom bombers” who try random combinations of numbers to access meetings; less useful for when meeting access information is shared with those outside of the class.

Require password for participants joining by phone


You can enable this option in your profile’s Zoom meeting settings. A numeric password will be required for participants joining by phone if your meeting has a password. For meetings with an alphanumeric password, a numeric version will be generated.

Only authenticated users can join


When scheduling a meeting, you have the option of requiring participants to enter their password before entering the meeting. Check that you have enabled this setting in your profile’s Zoom meeting settings. NOTE: Participants who are calling in will not be prompted to authenticate. To prevent unwanted callers from joining the meeting, also enable Waiting Room, Guest Participants Only (see below).

Waiting Room


This will place anyone calling into the meeting into the Waiting Room. If you have not set the meeting so that only authenticated users can join, anyone with a non-UNCSA Zoom account will also be placed into the waiting room. All other participants will bypass the waiting room and be allowed to enter the meeting.

Allow Removed Participants to Rejoin


Disabling this setting will prevent uninvited participants to come back into the meeting.

Screen SharingHOST ONLYChanging this setting will only allow the host to share their screen by default. The host can then delegate screen sharing to only the users they select during the meeting.

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