If Adobe Creative Cloud is not already installed on your school issued or personal computer, complete the following instructions to download and install the application:

  • You should be prompted to log in to complete the installation process.
  • Enter your full UNCSA email address followed by your current UNCSA password.
  • Note: If prompted to select either a Personal Account or Company/School account, choose Company/School account.
  • Once Adobe Creative Cloud has been installed, you may install the individual applications as needed.
  • Please be aware, performance of Adobe Creative Cloud applications may vary depending on your computer's hardware specifications (hard drive space, memory, processor, etc.).

Refer to Adobe. Your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription allows you to use software on up to 2 computers simultaneously. Learn more.

Software Expiration

After you install the software, you will have access to it while you are an active employee and/or student at the University. If you leave the University at any time, you will need to uninstall the software or purchase your own personal subscription.

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