A personal Adobe account is one you create on your own:

    1. The username is a personal or non-uncsa.edu email account.
    2. If you created a personal account using your @uncsa.edu or @artist.uncsa.edu credentials previously, it is not tied into the University's Single Sign-On and the password is a unique password that only you know.
    3. A personal account gives you access to Adobe software that you purchase on your own.

An enterprise Adobe account is one that is managed by the University:

    1. The username is your University email address username@uncsa.edu or username@artist.uncsa.edu.
    2. It uses Single Sign-On so you have to use your current UNCSA password.
    3. It gives you access to free software for use on your school issued or personal computers while you are employed or enrolled at the University.
    4. When you leave the university, any software you have downloaded with this account will become inactive unless you buy it personally from Adobe.

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