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Regular Faculty/Staff must update their passwords every three months. If a password has not been reset after three months, it will expire.

If you are off-campus when your password expires, the expired password will continue to work for online e-mail, or for a laptop log-in when that laptop has not been connected to the domain via Ethernet. When your laptop is connected to the domain via Ethernet with an expired password, you must update the password before logging in, or simply use your e-mail password if that has already been reset online.

To reset your UNCSA e-mail/domain password online, please register for the self-service password reset before attempting to use the Forgot My Password feature on Outlook OWA.

Note: if you reset an expired password online while your machine is off-campus/not hooked up to Ethernet, the new password will work for e-mail, VPN, Superman, wireless, and Creative Cloud; however, it will not work for logging into your computer until after you connect the machine to the domain via Ethernet. Upon connecting the computer to the domain, it will no longer accept an expired password.

Mac Users: Please be sure to Update Your Keychain each time it prompts you after a password change, or else the Mac will continuously request that you make changes to the keychain with the password the machine last remembers.

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