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If you have already set up a Personal Dropbox using your e-mail, follow this guide to switch your account type.

  1. Locate the UNCSA Dropbox invitation e-mail.
  2. Open that email and click Join your team.

  3. Since you already have a personal Dropbox account with your email address, you will be prompted to enter your Dropbox password.

  4. You may choose to make your personal account your University account by selecting that option and clicking Confirm.

  5. Note If you choose this option, your personal files will now be in your UNCSA Dropbox account which is managed by the University.

  6. Now that you are using your e-mail for your UNCSA Dropbox, you shall need an alternate e-mail for your personal account. Change the email address of your personal Dropbox account by selecting that option.

  7. Enter your new personal email address (this should not be your University email) and a password for your personal Dropbox account.

  8. Click the checkbox to accept Dropbox terms and click Confirm.

  9. A confirmation screen is displayed.  Click Sign-in to team.

  10. An overview page will display.  Scroll to the bottom and select to either download the Dropbox Sync App or continue to the website version.

If you have any issues switching your account, feel free to request assistance from IT.

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