You can see a complete list of students enrolled in the Canvas course space by logging on to your class and clicking "People."

If there are students who are attending your class and are not on that list, or students who are on that list who are not attending your class, the first thing you should do is check the official class roster in E-Z Arts. Canvas is designed to mirror what is in E-Z Arts, so most of the time if your Canvas roster is not correct, it is because the E-Z Arts roster is different from what you expect.

If the Canvas roster for your class matches E-Z Arts, any changes must be made through the Registrar's office. If the Canvas roster does not match the E-Z Arts roster, submit a help ticket in Canvas (click the "?" icon at the bottom of the global navigation menu, and "report a problem"). If you submit a ticket,  include complete course information (three-letter prefix, course number, section number) and all relevant details (student names, and a description of the problem).

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