Installing a Printer via IP (Mac OSX)

To manually add a new printer to your machine, “System Preferences” must be accessed to do so.

  • On the Mac Desktop, click the Apple Icon and select System Preferences from the list.
  • Under System Preferences, select Printers & Scanners.

  • If you have no printers installed, your menu should look like this. (If you do have printers installed, they shall be listed in the white box.)


  • Click the + sign to add a printer.


  • Click the IP tab and enter your printer’s IP address in the bar labeled Address. Choose the Protocol. (For our UNCSA machines, it’s usually HP Jetdirect-Socket.) Choose the Printer name if you don’t want the IP Address as your default name. (You don’t.) Under Use, select your driver; the machine should choose the proper driver if you have it installed already. If not, the Mac will use one of its Generic Drivers which may or may not work depending on the printer.

  • Once the printer is detected, a set up menu for it should pop up. The default settings should be fine.


  • Hit OK, and now your printer should be added!


Happy printing!

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