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Testing Confluence 

Pages live in spaces. This page is in the 'Demonstration Space'. 

Let's play with some content. Don't worry, you won't break anything:

  1. Click Edit at the top of this page. Now you're in the editor.

  2. Type some words anywhere on the page.

  3. Have some fun: 
    • Change the color of the text: Select the text, then choose a color from the color option in the editor tool bar.

    • Add a link: Select some text, then choose the Link button on the toolbar.
      Click Web Link and enter an Address, such as
      Click Insert to insert the link.

    • Find a file or picture on your computer, and drag it anywhere on this page.

    • Try some of the other options on the editor toolbar.

When you're ready, click Update to publish your changes then and go to the next step or back to the space home.